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The School is dedicated to serves the Chuukese speaking families that are living in Honolulu County on Oahu. The Saturday School or Chuuk Language and Cultural School started out by the family that attended the Chuukese Steering Committee led by Setiro Paul at the Waipahu Safe Haven Immigrant Resource Center. 


The program mission is for us to teach the Chuukese Language and Culture in order to provide an opportunity for the Chuukese children who were born in Hawaii to learn and study the Chukese Language in four ways such as reading, verbal comprehension, writing and conversation and their cultural heritage for them to better understand value of life as they grew up to adulthood.


Our vision and goal here is to help the young people and to ensure that once in their life time he or she will be able to make a contribution to the general well-being of the Chuukese population and eventually to be able to speak and write in the Chuukese language and understand its culture as well. And overall to make contribution to the general well-being of the Chuukese people and help pass on the language and culture to the next generation to come. 

Get Involved

Sign up for our Chuuk Language and Culture School which take place at the Waipahu Safe Haven Immigrant Resource Center: 94-3-132 Pupupuhi St. Apt. #2 Waipahu, HI. 96797. Every Saturday at 10 AM to 

Latest Project

Our latest project that we just finished on July 28, 2017 "Utteirek" build by the Chuukese people friends, families and partners in our community.  

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