Students from Japan
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2018 Summer Graduation
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VISITORS at Utteirek

Students from Japan

Non March 2018 chon sikunen Sapan ra pwal kunou non uutach we Hawaii Plantation Village

Students from Japan learned weaving

Teacher Pasiana, Alice and Jacinta showed the students how to weave.

Hawaii LionsInternational Youth Camp

Couple of the members of the Hawaii Lions International Youth Camp learned how to make headband from Teacher Makteni.

Hawaii Lions (IYC)

Lola and Alice with members of the Hawaii Lions International Youth Camp making headbands.

Teacher Telephy

Couple more of the Lions International Youth Camp members kae feufeun headband from Teacher Telephy Paul.

Visiting Utteirek

APIL CSL Reps. Senator Nelson Stephen me Rep. Andrew May non ewe Chuuk Utteirek non Hawaii Plantation Village.

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